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It’s a smart wordpress plugin you can install on any site.

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They did a recent case study and grew one twitter account

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If you are looking to make your websites or blogs more personal and attractive, I have found a software that will do just that for you.

I have tried it myself and if you know how to point and click a mouse, you will know how to use Avatar Genie Pro. It is so easy to use it as there is no technical skill involved.

If you are running a business and want to make your website unique and appealing for your visitors, you don’t need to engage designers to create mascots and custom avatars anymore….because Avatar Genie Pro is your solution.

Does the software does all the things that it claims to do? I test drove it and here is my verdict about Avatar Genie Pro.

Here is my short review about it :

The first thing that impressed me is the end results that I could potentially get with a bit of creativity. The sample avatars shown are really appealing and attractive. With loads of permutation of hairstyle, clothing, gesture, facial expression and more, each avatar will ultimately be unique.

I am really a non-techie person and I really had difficulty using software like Photoshop to do my graphics. But with Avatar Genie Pro, basically it is a point-n-click software. You basically go through every part of the avatar and select the various aspects of the avatar you want to represent. Yeah…just point-n-click…there is nothing to it. If I can do it, everyone else can.

Not only that. Since it is a cloud based software, I did not have to worry about complicated downloads and updates. I was given a login URL and with a password, I was all ready to design my avatar.

The other thing that impress me was the quality of the image. They are all in high definition and is exported in PNG format. If you are a business owner, this aspect is crucial and I am glad that the creators have got you covered as well.

The quality is good enough for you to use in your videos, marketing materials, product covers and your presentations if you so wish.

I really cannot find anything negative to say about Avatar-Genie-Pro. The question you may ask is that whether you would really need it if you are not a business owner.

My answer is yes….if you are looking to make your websites and blogs more attractive and “cool”. And heck for the price that you pay to get lifetime access, it is way cheaper than buying a graphic software like photoshop. On top of that, it is so easy to use. For that alone, I would give this software a shot.

There is a demo video on the sales page to demonstrate the simple steps of using this software. Why not check it out for yourself?

Want more info ? You can find it HERE !


Instagram is a perfect fit for eComm marketers because of its focus on sharing

images and videos. It’s also the fastest growing social network, with 400 million

active users.


There’s 52X more engagement from Instagram users than Facebook users –

and 127X  the engagement of Instagram users vs. Twitter users.


Which means eCommerce marketers are far more likely to make sales from

Instagram than either Facebook or Twitter.


Here’s the rub: growing an audience on Instagram takes lots and lots of time.

You have to constantly be liking posts and following users in your niche.


Not only that, you need to unfollow anyone who doesn’t follow you back.

Which means you can literally spend hours and hours everyday just working

on Instagram.


Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Until now – save MASSIVE time growing your Instagram following


Master Instagram marketer Luke Maguire has come up with a 100%

automated, set-and-forget solution for anyone who wants to grow their

Instagram following FAST.


His new app InstaEasy likes and follows Instagram users in your niche –

all based on hashtags you choose. It also unfollows anyone who doesn’t

follow you back.


All completely hands free.


90% of the world’s top brands are selling on Instagram . . . shouldn’t you be too?


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As a site owner, you know that you need to provide value to your users and visitors to not only build a tribe but also to get that Google search engine love.

But producing content takes tons of time and a lot of money, whether it be you spending hours to write posts or you managing contractors and paying them to write posts. But there is a better faster and cheaper way…

Justin Anderson recently launched SpinnerBros to solve this exact dilemma. You see, with this service you put in an existing article you like – written by you, a contractor, PLR content, or from any source really – and it produces many, MANY unique versions in under 30 seconds.

This unique versions can be used on the same site to grab more long tail key word rankings or other sites you may own but don’t want to go to the trouble of writing articles AGAIN and AGAIN.

==> Go check out the Spinner Bros demo and see how easy it is to use. <==

Google Panda penalizes sites with poor quality metrics. Google also hates sites that are dead. Spinner Bros solves both of these problems.

We all know exactly how important it is to create content. Not only do our users expect new posts regularly, but Google actively penalizes you if your site appears dead.

Regular content publication is essential to keep both users and Google happy.

But writing blog posts takes SO much time – hours and hours for a good post. Luckily, article spinning is a tactic smart site owners have been using for years and it works amazingly well.

You see, with the right system in place you can feed a post into an article spinner and receive a totally unique article in under 30 seconds. This works on old blog posts you have, PLR content, news stories, or ANY content you find out on the web.

While this technology has been used successfully for some time, there is only ONE spinner I can recommend – SpinnerBros

They took a team of PhD artificial intelligence scientists and set to work analyzing BILLIONS of documents to learn exactly how to rewrite content most effectively and accurately. AND just as importantly put it into an interface so easy to use that even your grandmother could understand how to make it work.

Go take a look at how easy the system is to use and how you can start saving hours of time every week with copy writing.

==> Go check out the SpinnerBros  <==


This is a tool that every site owner should add to their toolbox, even if you don’t need it right this second.

Have you ever been told to just publish whatever you like and the traffic will come?

You’ve been told wrong.

BUT if you publish content on topics that can go viral, you can boost your traffic tremendously.
So, how do you go viral?
By taking advantage of the latest viral content tool on the market that actually produces results

== Trending Traffic ==

Trending Traffic makes it easy to discover viral content that you can publish on your own site and attract lots of visitors. (Who will also bring in a ton more by sharing the posts) Content that can be manually curated OR done on autopilot.
Here’s what makes Trending Traffic unique:

– Find the most viral content NOW so you can hop on trends
– Filter on site, keyword, most viral, and other options
– Full hands-off autopilot or manual curation
– MASSIVELY saves time writing high quality content

By using content already going viral, your page will suck in that traffic otherwise normal posts just won’t get.
If you want more traffic, more subscribers, and more sales, you can’t ignore Trending Traffic.

It’s the secret some of your competitors are using to bank hard by amassing a huge amount of traffic they can easily sell to.
== Check it out today and see its effectiveness ==

I guarantee it will exceed your expectations!

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Lately, I’ve been getting really frustrated with my graphics.

You see, as a digital marketer, I relay on my presentation of my graphics to really help me get more leads and sales.

Now, typically, I run off to the freelance sites, get a designer to make me an ebook cover and in about 5 to 7 days, I’m ready to go.

So, frustrated by this, I decided to search for a solution that could allow me to create professional and high quality book covers that is both reasonable in price and time.

That is when I discovered this..

This amazing tool has revitalized my business by cutting tons of unnecessary costs and by drastically improving my lead times.

It’s called Pixel Studio FX and it’s simply the easiest and quickest way to get my designs done.

Now, all it takes is 60 seconds and a few clicks.

Today I get to enjoy beautifully crafted and professionally designed eBook covers without all the headaches and costs of dealign with a design team.

I’m not kidding, see for yourself here how easy Pixel Studio FX really is! 


Once I got a chance to really play around with Pixel Studio FX I immediately knew this tool would quickly become one of the most valued tools in my internet marketing arsenal.

And since using PSFX, I have seen an increase in my opt-ins and sales while at the same time saving thousands of dollars in design costs that I would be normally outsourcing.

So if you are looking for beautiful graphics but don’t have the design experience for it, then let Pixel Studio FX do all the hard work for you.

Just sit back relax and enjoy your brand new graphics.

Go check out PSFX here